Global market demands

“Kosher” is a Hebrew word that means “fit” or “proper”. When used in relation to food products, “kosher” means that the item in question meets the dietary requirements of Jewish law.

Although the term “kosher” applies specifically to Jewish dietary laws, kosher products also appeal to the Muslim community, vegetarians and many other groups of people across the globe, who trust and look for a kosher symbol on the food items they purchase.

Business benefits

In recent years, demand for kosher certified products has increased dramatically. Sales of kosher certified products have grown at an annual rate of 15%, and the market continues to expand.

By getting an EK certificate, you will be able to open new markets for your products in the United States, Israel and countries all over Europe.

To meet this demand, companies throughout the world are seeking to acquire kosher certification in order to increase and develop their existing markets.

Getting a kosher certification is an investment your company makes to penetrate this important and growing international market.

Quality and health

Having your products certified indicates that they have undergone careful inspections and have been produced in full accordance with kosher values, ensuring the utmost integrity of ingredients and respective manufacturing processes.

People with health restrictions, such as food allergies, buy kosher products because the certification process ensures that nothing, which is not supposed to be in a respective product, has gotten in during production.

Some of the largest food companies around the world, such as Coca Cola, Heinz, Kellogg’s and Nespresso  have already acquired kosher certification.