Step 1: Application form​

To get started, please complete and send us your application form and the list of ingredients form to

In particular, the application form requires logistical information about your company and the respective factory. The information you submit will be treated in the strictest confidence.

There is no application fee nor any legally binding obligations at this stage.

Step 2: Assessment and consultation

First, our experts will assess your application. Then, an expert rabbi will be assigned to handle and review your ingredients and manufacturing process to ensure they meet international kosher standards. The information you provide will help our experts to answer any questions you may have, address your needs and guide you through the certification process.

Step 3: Initial inspection

A visit will be arranged for an initial inspection of your company’s manufacturing facility(-ies) and warehouse(-s) in order to evaluate the various procedures employed during production. An initial inspection report will be prepared afterwards, which will then be used by your Kashrus Administrator for a complete kosher workup of your production facilities.

Step 4: Quote and contract

After assessment and ensuring that your information matches all EK requirements for kosher certification, we will issue you with a contract to sign.

Quotes are given as an annual fee, which covers our certification package.

Our fee may include the following components:

  • Types of ingredients and complexity of the manufacturing process;

  • Travel expenses for EK inspection at your production facility(-ies) and kosher procedures implemented (e.g., in some  instances, certain system modifications may be required for certification to be awarded)

  • Inspection of your factory by a local representative.

Step 5: Congratulations!

Once all the details have been finalized and all terms and issues have been satisfied, we shall issue a letter of certification, which authorizes the EK symbol’s use on the products approved.

The EK team stays at your service to assist you with any needs you may have.